The stains on the carpet of yesteryear,

show faded from the eradication which left a smear,

once a sweet wine in a glass bubbling and full of cheer,

full to the brim and warmed the soul as it flowed within,

a toast to when life in happiness was to begin.

The future having taken its toll from years ahead,

ups and downs of life flattening the bubbles on overspill,

left as a reminder from future hopes and dreams,

as the obstacle is moved to show traces left behind,

that was once hidden underneath for a peace of mind,

Now staring in jest through the dark red wound that was left,

though the glass was washed up with no traces to know.

A bottle reached out and pop the cork with an explosion of goal,

as the glass is filled up once again crystal clear in its flow,

to raise a toast for the future as maturity has strengthened within.

Another bottle and another year to cheer as once again its the begin.

to raise your glasses but dont spill a drop of the dreams that it holds.

as a new year begins.


Thinking and staring while pondering what to do,
subconcious struggling with the concious mind,
which one should I listen to?
my heart joining in to come in between the two.
weighing up the pros and cons to which should help me through.
In a clouded mind erasing is not the cure,
from a frantic world, life is made easier with a kind of sigh,
time spent alone can follow what is to be the truth.
while looking at images through a nostalgic gaze,
a question within is a danger signal that should be listened to,
eyes opened but focused on previous sights of a lost path,
as time in its perfection has the right mind.
a sheep in wolfs clothing is a reflection of distortion,
Not looking at the mirror image as it tells you more lies.
Paralysed by fear and confusion to see it through,
having been constant companions for a very long time,
but now breaking through like the sun between the clouds.
wanting to hear that voice that cuts through all the fears,
following dreams not pulled back from the extinguished light.
where I cannot see the path that beckons me to choose.
making oneself known instead of hiding behind the veil of tears.